Ferociously Interactive Media


Research Collaborators

Tamara Berg Compouter Science, Stony Brook University: Motion Tracking with Cameras and Kinects.

Rebecca Fiebrink, Computer Science, Princeton University: Bow-gesture recognition.

Zabet Patterson, Art Criticism, Stony Brook University: Implications of Art and Technology.

Kevin Yager, Center for Functional Nanomaterials, Brookhaven National Laboratory: Sonification of X-Ray Scattering Data.

Artistic Collaborators

Nick Fox-Gieg: In Strange Paradox

Sarah O’Halloran: kiteā€¢string

Valerie Opielski: Floor Models

Phoenix Perry: Black Swan

Current Students

Branic Howard

Levy Lorenzo

Timothy Vallier

Former Students



Data Sensorium

Devotion Gallery