Ferociously Interactive Media


Meetings Lecture Assignments
Week 1 What is Sound? Reading and 1 paragraph precis: “The Art of Noise” by RussoloDue 1/26 at beginning of class
Week 2: Recording, Signal to Noise RatioComputer and Recording Basics with Audacity Listen and 1 paragraph precis: “Poem Electronique” by Varese (on Blackboard)
Week 3: Manipulation of Recorded Sound Assignment 1
Week 4: Crit for Assignment 1Importing and Exporting Sound 1 paragraph precis: Haunted Weather by David Toop (on Blackboard)Due Friday 2/17 by 11:59pm!!
Week 5 2/21 Introduction to Logic,Silence Assignment (In Class) Reading and 1 paragraph precis:”Sound-On-Film: Interviews with Creators of Film Sound” by FoleyTo be done in class: record 20 seconds of silence three times in 3 different locations (in 10 groups of 2 to 3 people), this should amount to 60 seconds total (give or take)
Week 6 Navigating LogicSound Effects and Logic Assignment 2 due Thursday  at the end of lab
Week 7 Plugins and Audio EffectsPanning and EQ’ing Project 1
Week 8 Combining Audio and Video in Logic “Spectromorphology Hits Hollywood: Morphology, Objectification and Moral Messages in the Sound Design of Black Hawk Down” by Gates and Rudy [link]Three-paragraph precis on reading due
Week 9 Crits in ClassCreating Foley Project 1 dueat the beginning of classOne-paragraph precis on reading (Due 3/22 at beginning of class)Deep Listening Preface, pp. xv-xix by Pauline Oliveros [link]
Week 10 FormBlack Hawk Down One-paragraph precis on listeningRiverRun by Barry Truax due  at beginning of classMovie Review at beginning of classs
Week 11 Introduction to Live One-paragraph precis on reading pg. 1-8″Barry Truax’s Riverrun” by Helmuth in Analytical Methods of Electroacoustic Music
Week 12 Loops and Ambient Music Listen and 1 paragraph precis: 15 min. excerpt “Music for Airports” by Eno.
Week 13 Student Presentations Presentations on 4/24. Please be prompt and ready to go so we can get through everyone in one class!!
Week 14 Project 2 Crit Session Work Week
Final 5/21
official timeWe may go over time – please let us know of conflicts Final Project CritiquePlease have in the drop box not at the start, but BEFORE the crit session!!