Ferociously Interactive Media



REQUIRED CONCERT : Nov 11, Aural Architectures 7pm Staller Recital Hall
To convert YouTube to Mov format: http://www.clipconverter.cc/

DUE Oct 30:  Movie Paper 4-5 pages, double spaced, create in Google Doc

DUE Nov 13:  Movie Project: In Logic

Nov. 17 Aural Architectures 7pm, go to concert. Extra credit for people who stay and strike

DUE Nov. 25:  Aural Architectures Review DUE – 3-4 pages, 1 paragraph about each piece

DUE: Dec. 4 Last Day of Class – Live Project

DUE: Dec 17 Final Project 2:15-5



Final Project  – whatever software you want

Due Oct 16: Create 1 minute of noise in Audacity. Using 4-8 tracks and automation of the Graphic EQ in Logic, make a little “noise etude” that is exactly 1 minute long. Try making things “bright” “hollow” and “dark.”  Make sure to play it through the main speakers from the HYB12 machine to check your lows. Label as A3.FirstName.LastName

Due Sept 30: Read Spetromorphology Hits Hollywood and Precis

Due Sept. 23: Read and Precis Foley (on blackboard). Watch ChickenFight (on blackboard) and Precis five Foley sounds you want to make

Due Sept. 15: Sound Collage

Due Sept. 9: Listen and watch Varese Poem Electronique  and write a precis in your journal

Due August 29: Read and Precis Art of Noises  (feel free to copy and paste text so you don’t have to deal with that red background).

Précis/response One-paragraph summary/response to readings or listenings.
Assignment 1 Create sound collage using sounds recorded with Zoom recorder.
Assignment 2 Burn Foley CD with several tracks of sound effects using iTunes. Email Prof Schedel a URL for the clip you want to “foley-ize.”
Assignment 3 Create a new soundtrack for a short movie.
Paper 1 Two-page Movie Review.
Project 1 Create a soundtrack with Foley for a video, animation, theater piece or computer game.This converts from youtube to mov so Logic can open:http://us.onlinevideoconverter.com/free-video-converter.aspx
Assignment 4 Create three tracks of loops in Live.
Paper 2 Two-page Concert Review.
Presentation 5 min presentation, on an acoustic or psychoacoustic phenomenon.
Project 2 Create a piece with clear musical form in Live using recorded and synthesized sounds.
Final Project Create a piece using any music software with clear musical form and a score.

Drop Box Guide

How to put assignments into the Drop Box:

  1. Make sure you are in Finder. If you are not in Finder, click on the Desktop or the Finder icon in the lower-left corner of the screen.
  2. From the menu bar at the top of the screen, click [Go] [Connect to server...]. Alternatively, you can use the keyboard shortcut Command-K.
  3. Under “Server Address:” type emediavault.sinc.stonybrook.edu
  4. Select “AMT341″ from the list.
  5. The AMT341 volume will appear on the desktop, and it should open automatically. The Drop Box is inside this volume.
  6. To submit your assignment or project, drag it into the Drop Box. Make sure it is clearly labeled (e.g. “A1JohnDoe”).

Assignment 1: Sound Collage

Due at the end of lab time

You can edit the sounds any way you wish, for instance by adding effects or chopping up the sounds. When editing, be sure to use fadeins/fadeouts to avoid pops. Avoid clipping when recording and also when adding effects. When you are finished, click [File] [Export as AIFF] to export your project, and then drag the exported file into the AMT 341 Drop Box. Note: Make sure that the file format is set to AIFF (Apple/SGI 16 bit PCM) by going to [Audacity] [Preferences] [File Formats] and clicking on the dropdown box under “Uncompressed Export Format.”

  • Duration: 30 seconds to 3 minutes
  • Must use at least 5 different sounds
  • Use fadeins/fadeouts to avoid pops.
  • Make sure that there is no clipping.
  • Make sure that levels are not too low.
  • Export your project as an AIFF file.

Assignment 2: Foley Soundcloud

Create a typed list of the sound effects you will use (but view the clip several times beforehand to make sure!)

  • record four sounds total
  • Up to three self recorded sounds
  • can have one from a royalty-free website (ie freesound.org)
  • Modify the sounds (optional)
  • Avoid pops and clipping
  • save each sound with its own title that refers to the sound
  • Give the sounds clear, descriptive names in the list that you will provide (give it a name: i.e. bells, a description: i.e. low clamourous bells ringing out for 13 seconds)

Project 1: Movie Soundtrack

You will choose a video that is approximately one to five minutes long, import it into Logic, and create a new soundtrack for it by combining various sounds. Note that in this case, “soundtrack” refers to all of the sounds that accompany the video, not just music. You may use sounds that you have recorded and/or sounds from a royalty-free sound effect site. Remember to use background sounds in addition to foreground sounds. You will probably want to have several sounds playing at any given time in order to create a rich, layered soundtrack. It may be helpful to watch the video several times and make a detailed list of all of the things in the video that might require sound effects. You may choose to include some diegetic or non-diegetic music, but you will need to record it yourself (no copyrighted music). As always, make sure that there is no clipping, etc. (see previous assignments for a list of things to avoid).

  • Import a one- to five-minute video into Logic
  • Add new sounds to accompany the video
  • Use multiple tracks to create layers
  • No copyrighted music
  • No clipping, etc.

Paper 1: Movie Review

Due at the beginning of class

You will write a two- to three-page (double-spaced) review of the sound design of a movie of your own choosing.

Assignment 4: Live Loops

Create three MIDI tracks in Live and add a MIDI instrument to each one. The quickest way to do this is by dragging a MIDI instrument from the list of Live Devices on the left to the empty area on the right that says “Drop Files and Devices Here.” Then use the KeyStudio keyboards to record three clips into each track (for a total of nine). To do this, first turn on the metronome by clicking the button in the top-left part of the screen that has two circles. Then arm one of the tracks by clicking the button with the black circle at the bottom of the track. Live will also auto-arm a track when you first create it. Each empty slot in that track will now have a circular record button. You can click any of these to start recording into a clip – it doesn’t really matter which one. Do NOT click the record button at the top of the page. Play some stuff on the keyboard, then press the stop button at the top of the page when you are done.

Next, double-click on the clip, and it will appear in the MIDI Note Editor in the bottom half of the screen. You can drag or delete notes to fix mistakes, or you can quantize if you want. In the top part of the MIDI Note Editor, drag the Loop Start and End markers to adjust the length of the loop. You will probably want to make each loop either one, two, or four measures long (or eight, or sixteen, etc.) so that the loops will stay in sync with each other, but you can experiment with different lengths if you want them to drift apart. Now you can click the clip’s play button (NOT the play button at the top of the screen!), and it will loop continuously. Create eight more loops in this manner. You can play existing clips while recording new ones, but remember that each track can only play one loop at a time, so you can’t play a clip while recording to the same track.

Lastly, find the MIDI Effects folder in the list of Live devices (it is below the Instruments folder) and drag an effect to one of your tracks. You may want to try several different ones, as some effects work better with certain types of material. Double click on the track name, and the device(s) for that track (instruments and effects) will appear at the bottom of the screen. You can then adjust parameters on the instruments and/or effects, or delete devices that you don’t want. When you are done, drag your project into the Drop Box.

  • Create three MIDI tracks in Live and add MIDI instruments
  • Record some stuff using the keyboards
  • Adjust loop start/end markers
  • Add one MIDI effect

Project 2

A performance using LIVE In groups of 2 or 3
At least 2 minutes, not more than 4 (lean towards 2)
Due at the beginning of class

  • Create at least one audio track and one MIDI track in Live
  • Perform using either QWERTY keyboard, MIDI keyboard, Korg Kontrol or your own interface
  • All members must perform
  • Create a score which explains the form of your piece over time
  • You don’t have to have anything in session view, but it is a good way to organize your performance over the top of a “backing track”
Turn in your live session, and your score. 

Project 3

Due before the beginning of the final exam period

  • must use audio in some way
  • must be able to be presented during the final exam period (somewhere, not neccessarily in the HYBRID studio, but near by)
  • must illustrate skills obtained over the course of the term (yes even if done in FruityLoops {sorry FLStudio})
  • hand in AIFF or WAV or MOV file only