Ferociously Interactive Media



Week 8
Do tutorials 1-7 for Max, create your own patch that does something cool  (or just something if you can’t think of anything cool) using the objects you learned

Week 4
For Thursday 2/21 read Chapter 2, Video Time, Performance Time from Multi-Media. Put your response in the journal section of BlackBoard.
Also put your responses to Project 1 – working by yourself etc. on the class DropBox – see instruction down on the page about how to do this. Title your document/folder P1.FirstName_LastName

Week 2
For  Thursday 2/7 read Chapter 1, Introduction: Live Video from Multi-Media. If you don’t have the book the scans will be on blackboard. This is the last time readings from the book will be scanned on blackboad.

Week 1
Choose one piece from this website (be aware some links are broken) and give a 5 minute presentation. Sign up on blackboard to avoid overlaps.


READ and be ready to discuss for Thursday


Write one paragraph response on BB using journal feature




Projects will be graded on the project itself (60%), critique of other students projects (20%) and written assessment.

Create a 1-4 minute performance without using electricity. Know the history of the technology you are employing. The critique will address the performance from an artistic and technological viewpoint. For the written portion write 1 paragraph on the positive aspect of working by yourself and 1 paragraph on the negative aspect of working by yourself.

Create an experience which holds interest for 10-15 minutes in two locations which are joined through some sort of technology. The critique will address locative media. For the written portion write 1,500 words on the positive aspects of working in a large group and 1,500 words on the negative aspects.


Create a 5-7 minute performance/installation involving audience interaction. The critique will address the performance/installation from the audience’s perspective. For the written portion write 1,000 words on the positive aspect of working in a group of two, and 1,000 words on the negative aspects.

Using the techniques used in the class create a component of a large-scale devised work around the theme of quantum mechanics. In addition to creating a piece of the larger project you will also create web-based documentation of your work in the class. The professors will navigate your site for 5 minutes; critique will be based on the site as well as the final project.


Drop Box Guide

How to put assignments into the Drop Box:

  1. Make sure you are in Finder. If you are not in Finder, click on the Desktop or the Finder icon in the lower-left corner of the screen.
  2. From the menu bar at the top of the screen, click [Go] [Connect to server...]. Alternatively, you can use the keyboard shortcut Command-K.
  3. Under “Server Address:” type emediavault.sinc.stonybrook.edu
  4. Select “AMT341″ from the list.
  5. The AMT341 volume will appear on the desktop, and it should open automatically. The Drop Box is inside this volume.
  6. To submit your assignment or project, drag it into the Drop Box. Make sure it is clearly labeled (e.g. “A1JohnDoe”).